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If you wish to apply for attendance to any of our fairs, please download and complete our booking application form to the right.

We primary aim to to provide busy, well visited dolls house fairs across the UK which will provide a good return on investment.

Simple Low-Cost Pricing Structure!

With our low-cost exhibitor fees we hope that you will agree, that even with the travel costs involved - the potential for high earnings at our fairs IS possible!

  • Stand/Table Required 1 X 6ft table/stand £25.00
  • Additional 6ft table/stand £25.00


General Terms & Conditions


The term "the organisers" as mentioned herein means solely the organisers of Dolls House Fairs events

The term “exhibitors” as mentioned herein means all table/stand holders their employees, assistants etc.

The term “venue” as mentioned herein means the premises hired by the organisers for the purpose of staging the event.

General Conditions

  • Decisions by the organisers on acceptance, admittance, allocation, siting of stands and all other organisational matters, are final.
  • Attendance at an event is by agreement between an exhibitor and the organisers and as such is not transferable by the exhibitor.
  • Participation at an event does not indicate an automatic right to inclusion at future events. Contravention of any of these terms & conditions could result in exclusion from all future events.

Stands / Tables

  • Exhibitors must keep within the space booked, any stands, tables or items outside of this area will have to be removed.
  • No tables to be put in the space between stalls.
  • Sub-letting of stands, or part thereof, will not be permitted; however sharing may be possible by arrangement with the Organisers.
  • All stands must be kept open to the public and no part may be separated off for such purposes as the conduct of trade-only business.
  • Exhibitors should carry sufficient stock to maintain a representative display for the duration of the show, be it one day or two.
  • Exhibitors must have due regard for the wishes and rights of their neighbours, especially when it comes to security issues behind stands. Your stand should not be set-up in such a way as to allow visitors easy access to the rear of your or neighbouring stands.
  • Stands must remain open in good order throughout the entire duration of the fair. (i.e. No packing away before closing time).

Power / Electricity

  • Electricity is provided to a limited number of stands and must be requested when booking.
  • The power point, if booked, is to be used for no other purpose than lighting.
  • No kettles or heaters are permitted.
  • A max of 200 watts is permitted per stand.
  • All electrical items must have a current PAT test and certificate
  • The organisers will not be held responsible for loss of power at any event.

Goods/Services Offered For Sale

  • All exhibitors are required to submit a description of their goods/services which the organisers reserve the right to accept, reject or require to be modified at their discretion.
  • Exhibitors are only allowed to display and sell the items that are listed on the booking form. The organisers reserve the right to ask for any unauthorised products to be removed.
  • No goods or services shall be offered in a sale, discounted or provided at less than usual prices

Public Safety & Venue

  • Exhibitors must be set up 30 minutes before the event opens to the public.
  • Exhibitors must not pack up until the event is closed to the public.
  • Boxes or trolleys must not be taken through the venue while the fair is open to the public
  • The Organisers will accept no responsibility for injury or damage caused to exhibitors and/or their stock and/or equipment and/or vehicles resulting from gaining access to or clearing from the event or from the activities of the contractors who may be working at the event.
  • No sticky tape, pins, staples or nails to be applied to any surface at the venue. Any cost involved due to damage caused by the actions of an exhibitor will be reclaimed from the exhibitor.
  • Animals are not permitted at the venue with the exception of guide dogs.
  • No smoking is permitted at the venue at any time.


  • The full payment may be paid in full at the time of booking or within 4 weeks of being accepted as an Exhibitor for the event.
  • In the event of a cheque failing to clear, the organisers will notify the prospective exhibitor so that the matter may be resolved by the provision of a replacement cheque augmented to include any bank charges incurred, or by cancellation of the booking.
  • If the event is cancelled for whatsoever reason, neither the organisers nor the venue will accept any liability for the return of fees paid and/or other expenses incurred by the exhibitor in any form whatsoever as a result of booking a stand at the event, and in accepting the offer of a stand of any kind whatsoever at the event exhibitors and any other participants indemnify the organisers and venue against any such claims.
  • Cancellation of a booking by an exhibitor must be made in writing. If an exhibitor fails to turn up on the day the entire fee will be liable to forfeiture.
  • If the full payment is not paid within the specified timescale it will be assumed that the booking is no longer required, the space may then be re let and the entire fee will be liable to forfeiture.

Limit of Liability

  • Exhibitors will be liable for any hurt, injury or damage caused by them, their helpers, their stock or their property, to any other person or persons in attendance, and/or to the property of such persons, and/or to the premises.
  • Exhibitors are expected to provide their own security and insurance cover for their goods and equipment. Neither the organisers nor the venue will accept any liability for loss or damage whatsoever however caused.
  • The organisers recommend that all exhibitors have their own Public Liability insurance
  • Exhibitors shall indemnify the organisers and venue against all claims, damages or expenses arising from any incident that may occur at the event.
Online Booking
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When applying please provide as much information as possible and confirmation of the fair dates you wish to attend and the items you will be selling.

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